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SUP is the second full-length record from Buffalo band Super American. Written between multi-instrumentalists Matt Cox and Patrick Feeley, SUP is about fear and the tongue-in-cheek inversion of it. Its seams burst with breakneck indie rock, well-caffeinated pop punk, and breezy emo that, at their heart, all prop up a central tension: life is a goddamn incredible miracle, so why do we have to feel so scared and shitty all the time?

The new album comes out on October 22nd on Wax Bodega. Also available on Bandcamp.

This item is a pre-order: Estimated to ship on or around October 22nd.

Track Listing:
free bird
fuck it!!!!!
relax and float downstream
clear skin, sound mind
hot dog (ft. kaley doyle)
how big is your brain?

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